Planetary Chemistry

University of Cambridge | Oliver Shorttle


Our group studies the evolution and habitability of planets in the solar system and around other stars.  We investigate their chemical, dynamic and biological processes that may be involved in the initiation and support of life. We do this through a variety of fieldwork (on Earth), geochemical and petrological analysis, and theory.

The Planetary Chemistry group comprises a diverse group of physicists and Earth scientists working across the Institute of Astronomy and Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge. Our work is highly collaborative, inside Cambridge and beyond, to bring together the skills and expertise to tackle major questions in the planetary sciences. Oli Shorttle is the group lead.

Major techniques we employ are geochemical and petrological analysis of rocks and meteorites, data science and machine learning, thermodynamic modelling, photochemical modelling of atmospheres, and interior modelling, We always welcome new collaborations and group members to expand our understanding of planetary processes!

You can find descriptions of our research on this site, along with with links to our published papers.

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