University of Cambridge | Oliver Shorttle


Alex Lipp | Landscape evolution

Andrew Buchan | White dwarf pollution as a window into planet formation

Avishek Rudra | Origins and evolution of Earth’s carbon, nitrogen and oxygen

Carrie Soderman | Stable isotope tracers of Earth’s differentiation

Claire Guimond | Land and water on rocky planets

Clayton Roberts | Monitoring of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions from space

Craig Walton | Planetary biogeochemistry

Hannah Petrovic | Protoplanetary disk evolution with embedded planets

Jonathan Itcowitz | The effect of impacts on planetary climates

Oli Shorttle | Formation and evolution of habitable planets

Philippa Liggins | Volcanic atmospheres of the solar system and exoplanets

Sean Jordan | Astrobiology of Venus and Venus-like exoplanets

Weiran Li | The petrology of Earth’s volcanoes, magmas, and mantle as a constraint on volatile cycling



Richard Hobbs | Giant planet atmospheres

Simon Matthews | Mantle volatile cycling


Yuqi Li – Masters student: Post-main sequence heating of rocky material around white dwarfs.

Madelyn Broome – Masters student: How do planet-induced gaps in protoplanetary disks affect their thermal structure?

Tereza Constantinou – Masters student: Constraints on Venus’s volcanism and interior composition

Jonathan Dawe – Masters student: The temperature structure of the Icelandic mantle

Rachel FlintMasters student: Li isotope cycling in the oceans

Eleanor MestelMasters student: Size frequency relationships of volcanic eruptions.

Helen Ockenden – Masters student: The oxygen isotope record of Earth’s hydrosphere

Jervis Ong-Zhe-Ao – Masters student: Observing exoplanet volcanism

Kevin WongMasters Student: Mantle temperature variations

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