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Methods for basaltic sample preparation for ICP-MS, MC-ICP-MS, TIMS and XRF analysis used during my PhD can be found here. These methods were developed to run in the labs at Cambridge and are the product of the wisdom, expertise (and errors?) of many graduate students, post-docs and faculty I interacted with, although the errors will largely be my own. They will be subject to revision as methods and instrumentation change.

Some of the details of the Pb isotope work have also been discussed in our Geochemical provincialism paper (Shorttle et al., 2013), as well as in Chapter 2 of my thesis.


Sample databases

  • GeoRoc – Geochemistry of rocks from the oceans and continents
  • PetDB – Petrological database of the ocean floor

Reference material catalogues

  • GeoReM – Reference and published values for standard materials

Experimental databases

Thermodynamic models


Languages I (prefer to) use

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